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PERMIAS Nasional, also known as the Indonesian Students Association
in the United States, is a non-profit organization that exists to look after, empower, and unify all Indonesians studying in the United States. As the Head of Design in the Publications & Promotions team, I redesigned their visual identity to recapture the spirit and values of the new generation
of students.
PERMIAS Nasional
Tata Rekso
Bryant Rahardian
Evan Gozali
Felice Pudya
Tara Laksamono

Alisa Nadhifa
Andriani Atmadja
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Old logo
New logo
The Inspiration
Before I designed the logo, I was aware that Indonesia is a country that is rich with symbolism. I knew that a simple logo will not represent our country faithfully. The identity that I have created is laden with many deep philosophical meanings that are rooted in Indonesia's culture. Slide the gallery below to know the meanings behind its identity.
PERMIAS Nasional_KM_Website.png
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Applications 11.png
Applications 12.png

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