Art Direction

Asad Pervaiz

Smorg To Go

I was given the opportunity to design the logo of a new project from Smorgasburg called "Smorg To Go." Due to the pandemic, Smorgasburg was not able to launch their festive open-air food market and instead came up with a smart takeout system that prioritizes the health and concerns of their loving customers.

With Asad Pervaiz's art direction, we wanted to create a different logo for this project—something new yet it maintains the same elements of the original Smorgasburg logo. The final result is a dismantled version of the Smorgasburg logo. We kept the playful illustrations and added a new logotype. We hope that with this new logo people were able to easily recognize the iconic food market and at the same time curious about new changes they made for Smorg To Go.


Smorgasburg Logo


Smorg To Go Logo

logos sketches-07.jpg

other logo sketches

P8012669 copy.jpg


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