Kroch's & Brentano's

Part of the assignment was to rebrand a company that closed its doors at least 10 years ago. Established in 1958, Kroch’s & Brentano’s was Chicago’s nirvana for book lovers. People come in each day to celebrate their love for books, revel in personalized book recommendations, and to meet none other than Adolph Kroch, founder of the K&B bookstore, whose enthusiasm for books was unlike any other.

Today, I have rebranded K&B as your local independent bookstore. Visiting our bookstore should feel like an experience. We’ve turned the page on mass production & mass marketing and now we’re going back to our old ways. Physical books have never been more valuable—that’s why we’re back.

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Wix K&B-01.jpg

It's flexible!


Each ampersand is unique, just like every genre of books. We believe that there is a genre for every type of reader.  Their uniqueness also visualizes our specialized connections with our customers.

Books can be personal, so it’s important to develop close relationships with our customers to know what kinds of books they like.

Primary Typeface

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Secondary Typeface

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Our colors are all inspired by the colors you see in a bookstore. From the emerald carpet to the brown wooden bookcases and off-white grained book paper. We want you to have a full experience of being in our bookstore, even if it’s just by looking at our colors.

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"Since You've Seen ..." Ad Campaign

Our ad campaign is not about advertising the books, instead, it is advertising our booksellers' skills and abilities to give good book recommendations. Most people are more familiar with pop culture movies, so finding books that are similar to the movies they are watching will hopefully get them to read. And if you like our recommendations, come to Kroch's & Brentano's for more.

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