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Typography Magazine Project 2018


​Serán is a magazine that focuses on type and typography. It includes two exclusive features; one is about a type safari of NoLIta and the second is about Bad Typography: It Affects Just About Everything. The tagline of this magazine is "You can't unsee type." This was inspired by the experience that most of us get when we learn about typography. The more time we spend searching for rags, rivers, orphans, the more we see them everywhere. We also tend to recognize the different typefaces on restaurant signs, shops, movie posters, subway advertisements. So I want to create a tagline that typography lovers can relate to.

or click this link to see it from their website:

Mockup 2.png
Mockup 3.png
Mockup 4.png
Mockup 5.png
Mockup 6.png
Mockup 7.png
Mockup 8.png
Mockup 9.png
Magazine Poster.png

As an addition to the project, I created a poster to announce my typography magazine to the public. The poster includes the release date, magazine's tagline, exclusive features from the magazine, and a link to read the magazine online.

Thank you for viewing!

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