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2D to 3D Project


The goal of the assignment was to design our own symbols. We begin our process by creating two symbols; the first is how others perceive ourselves, and the second is how
we perceive ourselves. After creating two separate symbols, the next step is to combine them and eventually create our identity. We worked with a couple of different materials, from 2-D models such as wires to 3-D models like plaster, plexiglass, metal, strings, and many others. The assignment has one rule: we are not allowed to use glue. This allows us to think about the connections – what are the objects that connect materials together, what materials are best for our models, how do we connect one material to another. It is truly an exploration of space and materiality.

"Personal Symbol"


Symbol 2.jpg

How others perceive me

Symbol 1.jpg

How I perceive myself


Wire models

Combined Symbol.jpg

Symbols combined



Bristol model


Plaster model

NYPL Collage (Final).jpg

I collage I made as an inspiration for the final 3-D model


Final 3-D model

Thank you for viewing!

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