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Space & Materiality 


"Collapsible System"

The assignment was to construct a wearable collapsible system. We have to choose a specific location on the body that we feel most connected or disconnected to people. I chose my eyes. I realized that I feel so easily connected to people when I talk about movies — particularly movies that we both like. So I decided to create eyewear that
could expand outwards to communicate my idea of connection. The piece is rectangular to follow the shape of a cinema screen. Also, I decided to close the eyewear with a see-through text that says, “What is your favorite movie?” This question is what I believe to be the beginning of a connection — a question that will spark a conversation that can go and on by just simply talking about movies.


scanned sketch.jpg

Expanding The System

GIF (1).gif

Conceptual Photos

Conceptual Photo 1.jpg

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