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Digital Reissue

The assignment looks to explore the idiosyncrasy by means of the digital re-printing of a historical text that is published prior to 1990, and re-imagining its visual properties in the form of a new standalone digital publication. What properties do websites have that books don't? 


The text I chose was Plato's "The Republic" where he believed all objects in this world are imitations of the ideal Form. In other words,
the work of
art is only a copy of a copy of a Form. Because art imitates, its consequence leads us further away from Truth and eventually towards illusion and irrationality. The brutalist-look of the website shows the lack of structure and concern to look comfortable or easy, which I think reflects Plato's perception of Art.

The cursor property plays an interactive role as the user creates and replicates the word "Art" across the screen. 

The clicking property produces images as the user clicks anywhere on the screen. The images visualize the Droste effect, the effect of a picture recursively appearing within itself, which connects back to Plato's perception that Art leads us towards illusion.


Thank you for viewing!

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