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Clockwork is a book that I made during my Summer Intensive Studies (Graphic Design) at Parsons. The assignment was to select a word from a book that we are currently reading; at the time I was reading "Clockwork Princess" by Cassandra Clare, and so I chose the word clockwork.


The book that I made has a concept of time and motion. I developed this concept by simply defining what the word ‘clockwork’ means as it is the title of my book. So the texts I’ve used in this book are ‘time’, ‘motion’, and ‘clockwork’. The text type I used is Bebas Neue because I like them simple and condensed. The color theme I chose for this project is simply gold and shades of grey. These specific colors are inspired by the colors of the inner workings of a mechanical clock. Again, this is to promote the definition of clockwork.


My photographs are taken using the technique of long exposure. Long exposure photography captures one element that conventional photography does not: Time. So it fits perfectly into the concept of my book. The yellow line in the book should look like it connects from one page to another to indicate time because time never truly stops, which is why the line never ends.

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